Terms Of Service

First you should understand that our website – dazloaderteam.com is not releasing this daz loader. We are just sharing links to DAZ Team tools like daz loader so the end users can get them and use them however they need it. This tool is meant to be used only for informational purposes and if you are using it downloaded with our provided links you are agreeing to take full responsibility how you use it. Any actions you will do with these tool is your responsibility only and not dazloaderteam.com website team or owners. This tool can be used for various purposes and one of them is activating windows 7 computers which may be illegal in your country so first check your countries laws.

DAZ Team clearly suggests users if they use software for daily usage to buy it and support developers. And that they don’t claim any responsibility how this software is going to be used. If you are using it all the responsibility is yours and YOURS ONLY!

By using this website and dazloader tool  –  you automatically agree to the written agreement above and this the responsibility regarding whatever you are affected by any EULAs or Terms of Services is with YOU and YOU only.

If you have any other questions you can first look at Common Issues and FAQ page. If you want to download daz tool go to windows 7 loader home page.