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MBR Regenerator v4.5

MBR Regenerator is a professional tool designed to reset MBR – Master Boot Record to the default value. This application is built for repairing OS files without which windows can’t boot up properly. It is mainly because these files usually are corrupted by malware, viruses or damaged in other malicious actions by people or software.

So MBR Regenerator restores windows files back to it’s original state like after fresh install. Also it rearms windows activation back to the default state. Most important thing is that regenerator leaves all personal files untouched so there is no risk that any of your files go missing. Relating to the daz loader we are using this application to reset windows 7 activation back to 30 days trial. After that you won’t see windows not genuine error again and then you can apply windows 7 loader to fully activate your windows OS.

MBR Regenerator DAZ Loader

Resets Windows to 30 day trial and fix not genuine error..

Download MBR Regenerator

IgorWare Hasher

After you download windows 7 activator daz and launch it you must verify it to match at least MD5 or SHA1 codes. This prevents fake software to damaging your computer and installing malware or doing other malicious things. Instructions are simple after downloading any setup exe or any other file launch igorware hasher and select the file. You can enter the md5 or any other supported verification data and press calculate. If results match with results on the site you found the file then the file is not modified and safe for use. That’s it this simple verification keeps you safe from malicious files.

Igorware Hasher

To Download This Checker Press the Link Below

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Malwarebytes Antimalware

This software is so popular that probably you don’t need explanation what it does but if you don’t know keep reading.. So malwarebytes is software designed to detect any malicious software or files on your computer. It has very advanced recognition tools to keep up with bad people infecting files. Program usage is very simple just download the application from their official site and run it to scan your computer. It can be extremely useful if you are constantly downloading files from unknown sources.

Logo Malwarebytes

Sometimes you can get surprised what it can find and you didn’t even know about that. Also the best part that there is a free version of a program. More over this app helps to detect and delete any adware you could accidentally installed doing various offers. If you want more information about it you can read on their official website.

You Can Download Malwarebytes In the Link Below

Malwarebytes Download