Windows 10 Activator

So many of you guys probably used microsoft windows 7 upgrade to windows 10 and realized that free upgrade is no longer there or you are stuck with windows 10 activator which is not working correctly. Or maybe some of  you are left with unactivated windows version and just need a quick and simple help.

We got so many emails and messages to make windows 10 loader that we decided to contact our buddies KMS team which already had a really good one. We chatted for some time and decided that we are not enemies but rather teams with same thinking and having same vision. So DAZ Loader team cooperated with KMSpico team and we bring you the new windows 10 activation tool on our site!

KMSpico Activator

To Download Windows Loader Press Button Below



Instructions How To Use KMSpico Activator

  1. Download the tool from our website by pressing download button above.
  2. Install if you want it to keep activator on your computer because it can help you if you want to activate ms office too. Or just run a portable version.
  3. If you just want to activate windows 10 wait for the loader to fully load.
  4. Press the red button and activate windows! Wait for a sound of woman voice to say that activation of windows 10 is completed.
  5. Last step is just to restart your computer and enjoy fully activated windows 10! There is also other options but it is for more advanced users who know what they are doing..

windows 10 activation

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can i use windows updates after activation?

A: Yes you can with no problems.

Q: Is this activation is safe and microsoft can’t detect us?

A: Yes it is safe there wasn’t single case people had problems with microsoft because of activator.

Q: Can i delete KMSpico activator after windows activation?

A: You can if you want there is no reason to keep it at your computer.

Q: Is portable version any different than installation?

A: They are the same and portable only made for people who don’t want to install our software or want to run kms activator from usb flash.

If you have more questions regarding windows 10 activator you can contact us in the contact section or write comment below or in a DAZ home page. Enjoy your activated windows 10!

Video how to use it, newest updates and more information coming soon…